JSC “Uzmetkombinat” is the leading enterprise of ferrous metallurgy in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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JSC “Uzmetkombinat” is the leading enterprise of ferrous metallurgy in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Plant is a basic sector and is closely linked with other industries, so the development of the steel industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan is a top national priority of the current stage of economic development.

Meltshop commissioned in 1978 and Meltshop incorporates arc furnace steelmaking.
Hearth plant was put into operation in 1944. Steel smelted in open-hearth furnace and poured in the CCM.


Rolling Mill №1 is  for the production of grinding balls, hot-rolled bar, round steel, angle and flat steel.
Rolling Mill №2 with small sections “pitched-300-2” is for the production of hot-rolled long products – round steel, steel for reinforcement of concrete, corner, hexagon, square, and channels.
Steel wire plant for the production of low-carbon steel wire of general purpose, strapping and construction needs diameter 6×8 mm, surfacing diameter 2×4 mm, for the manufacture of nails 2×4 mm in diameter, for fencing  with a diameter of 2.9 and 2.0 mm.


Workshop for production of non-ferrous metals was commissioned in 2006. Today it is a modern, effective plant, which has the latest technology and equipment, powerful material and technical base and qualified personnel, which is a guarantor of stability and success.
Activities workshop aims to produce foil, ribbons, sheets and strips of copper and copper alloys of various technical purposes, used in electrical and electronics, machinery and equipment, transport engineering, construction and production of consumer goods.
Manufacture is equipped with the equipment of leading European companies in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, USA.

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Provides scrap yard reception, processing and transmission of scrap and waste of ferrous metals for steel in electric arc furnace shop.
The workshop consists of two platforms: Pier Pier number 3 and number 4.
• gantry crane;
• electric bridge cranes;
• Bundling Press SPA-1250
• Bundling two-BB-1338 press number 3 and number 4.
• shears ArnoCut-1000